Into the Wild: How Moosejaw Ventured into Deep Personalization and What Happened Then


Live Webinar - Wednesday, August 16th 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET


A successful retailer puts customers at the center. In order to create genuine relationships with maximum lifetime value, retailer Moosejaw needed a deeper understanding of who its customers are - and Moosejaw went deep indeed!

With a single view of their customers spanning all online and offline channels they have been able to execute hyper-personalized campaigns.

Fresh off the IRCE stage, Dan Pingree and Omer Artun PhD, share personalization strategies that cannot be missed. 

Meet our presenters:

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Dan Pingree Omer Artun
CMO Founder & CEO
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Learn the results of this adventure into customer clustering driven by advanced analytics and the steps you can take to achieve similar quick, ongoing and long-term wins. They will share the detailed strategy behind Moosejaw's successful customer engagement results such as: 

  •  Increased revenue per email by 9%

  • Decreased customer acquisition costs by 10%

  • Increased email click through rates by up to 41%

  • Increased conversion rates by up to 125%

  • and more!

Who should attend: Enterprise B2C executives, marketers, and IT leaders from omni-channel retail and direct to consumer brands.

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