Moosejaw increased revenue per email by 9% with AgilOne 

Using lifetime value, personalization, segmentation, and single customer profiles, Moosejaw is able to align their marketing efforts with their brand personality that customers love.

AgilOne helps Moosejaw understand their customers and optimize their marketing efforts. Moosejaw is well known for their marketing personality. They add that extra level of personalization in their campaigns by identifying and segmenting customers by behavior and preferences. This allows them to provide unique, delightful buying experiences - backed by data.


“AgilOne’s data has really allowed us to deeply understand each and every customer down to a profile that we can then market to more effectively...”


Dan Pingree


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Here's what is inside the case study:

PG Challenge.png

Their Challenge

  • Batch and Blast marketing was making it hard for Moosejaw to understand customers, engage them, and target promotions.
PG Goal-1.png

Their Goal

  • Moosejaw was looking to understand customer buying behavior and better leverage that customer data to optimize marketing efforts. 
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Their Results

  • With AgilOne, they have been able to get a single customer profile, develop customer personas, and engage customers with personalized promotions and recommendations.